The Cheapskate’s Way to Find Backlinks to Your Website

This is how I find some (not all) backlinks to my website. I do a Google search that looks for the URL of the post I want to find minus my own domain, like so:




Assumptions, Pros & Cons:

  1. Finds mostly forum posts, because people are lazy and don’t provide anchor texts. They merely copy&paste your URL.
  2. Finds backlinks to one specific article or post. However, my workflow is like this: I write an article, publish it and a few weeks later, I check for backlinks.
  3. Doesn’t find backlinks hidden behind anchor texts.
  4. I can use Google’s search options to look for new backlinks that are only a couple weeks old.
  5. Finds backlinks only that are listed in Google. But then again, I don’t care about other backlinks mostly, because I don’t get any link juice from them.
  6. Finds non-links. If someone copies and pastes your URL, but the forum software doesn’t convert it into a link, you’d still find it as a “backlink”.

Final note: Use this as a quick and dirty backlink finder tool. It doesn’t replace other tools. But it works for me and I use it quite often.