iA Writer 4 – Why use it?

I use iA Writer for almost all writing. Three reasons:

  1. iA Writer feels right. This is the most important point. I like the interface, the font, the simplicity.
  2. iA Writer works with raw text files. This lets me process files with Marked 2 or any other Markdown editor. It’s especially important if you run a blog with Jekyll or some other blog engine that converts Markdown to HTML itself.
  3. Auto-saves all files in its library, so nothing is lost. Although sometimes my files get a bit unorganized.

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Hybrid app development is complicated

The other day I read on Hacker News something like:

I wanted to get into Web Development. Is it really that ugly, hard, and annoying?

I thought: What’s the problem? It ain’t that bad, but to be honest, it really is quite difficult.

Web development in 2016 means: Doing a lot of JavaScript. Setting up your JavaScript stack takes time and knowledge and sure, you can get away with a bit of jQuery and Vanilla JS.

Since I decided to make the new version of my app entirely hybrid, I’m intrigued by Ionic 2, Angular 2 and TypeScript.

Sure, you can punch out a stupid small app in no time with Ionic 2, but something with a bit more complexity requires a few more brain cycles. Obviously, my new app has to be maintainable, needs sync across devices, I want a web UI in addition to the mobile apps and all of a sudden, I find myself in the same mess as the guy who asked on Hacker News.

Doing a hybrid mobile app in 2016 means to learn:

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